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“Rainn has been a lovely voice in my time of need. Her reading was very spot on and helped me to see more about myself and what is needed of me. Not only was the service and the reading outstanding, she was such a nice, open, and kind individual with nothing but love, hope, and devotion in her heart. I wish her the best of luck in life and highly suggest her to anyone wanting a tarot reading.” 

G.M. United States

“Awe Rainn, I really can’t thank you enough for a wonderful reading. I feel and connect with every word. Everything you say is such a comfort and I truly believe the tarot is guiding me through this difficult time. Thank you lovely lady my reading is amazing and I wish you every success and happiness Xxx”

A. United Kingdom

“I really appreciate you for your kind reading. The reading is so warm and I can feel your empathy. Thank you for an accurate reading.” 

S.J. Korea, Democratic People’s Republic Of

“Many thanks to Rainn for sharing her knowledge and time with me. The reading is more than I expected. I can rely to almost each point of the reading and every detail seems to be surprisingly accurate. The details about my feelings are judged with perfection and the ones about the whole situation just confirm my intuition and thoughts. Rainn is a skilled reader.” 

Z. Germany

“I found it very empowering.  I have had a number of readings and I found that I connect with Mystic Rainn’s style the most as it is direct, detailed enough, caring and empowering.”  

K. Australia

About Mystic Rainn

Mystic Rainn is a Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Medium. She has worked with clients around the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Australia, India, S. Korea, and Vietnam.

After her career as a lawyer crumbled to pieces, she was forced on a journey of self-discovery. She had to re-evaluate what was important to her and how she was willing to live her life. This transition coupled with numerous traumatic experiences earlier in life has helped her to find and appreciate her true gifts and abilities.

She is now passionate about guiding others on their  spiritual journey.

She has formally trained at the London College of Psychic Studies and is committed to assisting others responsibly with compassion and skill.