★★★★★ 25 May 2017

“Thank you dearly for your effort in doing my reading. It was a great pleasure to read and has created a new approach in how I view things. Once again, I thank you for having the generosity of heart to share a small portion of your precious time with me. I wish you every single bit of goodness and constant light in all areas of your life.” Y. Australia

★★★★★ 20 Apr 2017

“Thank you for this reading, which I found useful and positive. You were correct; I am keeping in mind your advice. Thank you for being so prompt with the reading I found it easy to understand and your advice very clear.“ C. United Kingdom

★★★★★ 13 Apr 2017

“I found it very empowering.  I have had a number of readings and I found that I connect with Mystic Rainn’s style the most as it is direct, detailed enough, caring and empowering.”  K. Australia

★★★★★ 28 Mar 2017

“Awe Rainn, I really can’t thank you enough for a wonderful reading I feel and connect with every word.
Everything you say is such a comfort and I truly believe the tarots are guiding me through this difficult time.
Thank you lovely lady my reading is amazing and I wish you every success and happiness Xxx” A. United Kingdom

★★★★★ 14 Mar 2017

“Many thanks to Rainn for sharing her knowledge and time with me. The reading is more than I expected. I can rely to almost each point of the reading and every detail seems to be surprisingly accurate. The details about my feelings are judged with perfection and the ones about the whole situation just confirm (sadly) my intuition and thoughts. Rainn is a skilled reader.” Z. Germany

★★★★★ 9 Mar 2017

“Thank you so much for this Reading!!” R. Australia


★★★★★ 9 Mar 2017

“During a challenging time, I received a profound reading full of love and insight which led me to acceptance of where I am in my relationships as well as my career. I had a positive feeling and what she provided helped me make further choices. I highly recommend readings from this resource, it will bring you love and light.” K. United States


★★★★★ 8 Mar 2017

“Thank you this has been very helpful and gives me something to look forward to and work toward in my future” S. United States


★★★★★ 4 Mar 2017

I appreciate your reading so much. Thank you. It is so accurate. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.” E. United States Minor Outlying Islands


★★★★★ 3 Mar 2017

“This reading was a God-send and gave me peace on the issues that I was grappling with. The particularly good aspects of this reading were – it was intuitively accurate, it gave me good advice and left me feeling empowered and it was delivered in a warm, yet professional manner. Highly recommended.” I. India


★★★★★ 3 Mar 2017

“I really appreciate for your kind reading. The reading is so warm and I can feel some empathy. Thank u for accurate reading.” S.J. Korea, Democratic People’s Republic Of 


★★★★★ 27 Feb 2017

“Thank you for my reading.  The cards have confirmed everything that I was thinking. Thank you for taking the time to read for me. x” S. United Kingdom


★★★★★ 24 Feb 2017

“Rainn has been a lovely voice in my time of need. Her reading was very spot on and helped me to see more about myself and what is needed of me. Not only was the service and the reading outstanding, she was such a nice, open, and kind individual with nothing but love, hope, and devotion in her heart. I wish her the best of luck in life and highly suggest her to anyone wanting a tarot reading.” G.M. United States


★★★★★ 23 Feb 2017

“Thank you…  A very kind reading.” – L. United States


★★★★★ 23 Feb 2017

“Thank you for the reading – it’s given me hope. Many, many thanks – I feel so much more positive and motivated.” – S.S United Kingdom



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