Discovery Draw – 5 of Wands

Discovery Draw 5 of Wands

In The Wild Unknown Tarot on the left, the wands are flying all over the place. They are each on their own path trying to travel to their chosen direction, yet all have another wand crossing its path. This card denotes competition. Notice that they are not swords. The fact that they are wands and not swords can also indicate a period of training, or honing your skills or craft for a future project. If you receive this card, keep on the lookout for others who may potentially cause a bump on your road. If you are prepared you will come out on top as demonstrated in the After Tarot on the right.


The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

After Tarot by by Pietro Alligo and Giulia F. Massaglia


Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot

If you have stumbled across this post today, then things of importance will need to be sacrificed to make way for the necessary purification that your life requires of you at the present. You can either take the leap yourself and begin the healing process, or let the Universe take over and sort it for you. If you choose the latter, I promise it will be painful and recovery will take longer. This is the result of unsuccessfully balancing too many plates in the air. You thought you had the ability to handle it all, but ultimately ended up overexerting yourself in the process causing the demise of something you held dearly to your heart.

Take time for yourself in order to reform a relationship with your Spirit. Quiet the mind and be kind to yourself during this time. Refocus your energy by allowing yourself to engage in something that you enjoy. Nourish your Soul and tend to you heart. Things may have not worked out the way you intended, but make no mistake, the outcome had nothing to do with the lack of your personal abilities or talents. It simply occurred the way the Universe has intended for it to be. The sooner that you return to the reality that everything happens for a reason; the sooner you can make progress in the next phase of your journey.

Love and Light,

Card Deck: The Fountain Tarot by Andi Todaro, Jason Gruhl, and Jonathan Saiz