Oracle – True Love


Hello Warrior,

You must nurture your inner self in order for your Spirit to grow. You are the Gardener and you must nurture your own seeds. By taking the time to look within, you become one with yourself. You never see matter in nature rush – a tree takes hundreds of years to grow. You cannot relish the fruit without waiting patiently for the seed to produce a tree.

This card has been drawn today to remind you that finding a good relationship is less about what us happening in the physical world and more about what is happening to you personally. You must tend to yourself, nurture yourself, and allow yourself to grow. This process will help teach you to love every part of yourself, which will then attract a partner. The Divine Masculine reminds you that you are not weak for needing to nurture yourself, or for being in touch with your sensitive side. Review the ways you are too hard on yourself and learn to love those areas. It is after this acceptance that you will find love.

Love and Light,



Card Deck: True Love Reading Cards by BelindaGrace