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Witch, Be Gone! Bath Salts

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Leave your body relaxed yet invigorated with the Witch, Be Gone! Bath Salts from Mystic Rainn. Formulated with Frankincense and Rosemary, this soothing blend detoxifies the body and restores energy centers, which is imperative for your magickal workings.

Magickal Properties

+Frankincense is often used as a purifier and is a holy oil that wards off evil and negativity. Frankincense creates a protective shield around your aura and guards you against psychic attacks.

+Rosemary is used for protection and the removing of unwanted spirits, people, and situations.

+Himalayan Sea Salt counteracts black energy and absorbs negativity.

How to Use

Add bath salts directly to your bath or hang under your water spout in a muslin bag to diffuse the healing, magickal scent.

Other Details

  • Size: 4 oz
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free