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The Chakra Stones Kit

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The Chakra Stone Kit includes raw, tumbled, and palm-stone crystals for a total of 21 crystals.

The energies of these seven chakra stones are designed to match with each of your seven chakras, helping to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. Create a harmonizing body grid with these colorful stones, and you’ll discover a rainbow of positive vibes in your spirit.

Red Jasper (Root Chakra) carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration, and resonates within the lower three chakras. It creates a strong connection to the earth.

Resonating at the sacral, base and earth chakras, its action takes the energy from the base chakra and grounds it to Mother Gaia. This is very helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding.

Carnelian (Sacral Chakra) is the best antidote to feeling uninspired. When carnelian connects with the sacral chakra, it reminds you of all the things that bring you excitement. You’ll find yourself seeking out the passions you’ve allowed to languish and the thrills you put on the back-burner. Carnelian is your creative muse. Embrace it!

Citrine (Solar Plexus) is the sunny stone that opens your eyes to bright horizons. This stone doesn’t just empower you with an optimistic mindset, it propels you forward with enhanced willpower and motivation. Use citrine energy to manifest an intention, or just to lift your spirits on a bad day.

Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra) will help nurture your heart chakra with love and luck. It opens your heart to feel excited by life again. When you exude love, all kinds of people and opportunities follow. Start your next adventure with the loving energy of aventurine.

Lapiz Lazuli  (Throat Chakra) has a deep blue color is associated with self-expression and awareness, which gives the Lapis Lazuli crystal its powers to boost enlightenment and spiritual transformation. 

Amethyst (Third-Eye Chakra) expands your third eye chakra to give your intuition a helpful boost. The soothing energy of this stone alleviates stress, so that you can think clearly. That’s why amethyst is known to enhance your decision making process.

Clear Quartz (Crown) is definitely a stone you want on your crown—well, crown chakra that is! Let clear quartz healing energy cleanse your mental chaos with its purifying properties. Clear quartz both amplifies the energy of your intentions, and programs them. So working with clear quartz on your crown chakra will help you to visualize the balance and clarity you want to achieve.