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Pot O' Gold Hoodoo Oil

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Pot O' Gold Hoodoo Oil is a money and luck-drawing oil that's ideal for those who seek more financial abundance or security, assistance paying a bill, a new job or promotion, successful contract negotiation, business success or overall increased funds. Pot O' Gold Hoodoo Oil has a knack for leading its user to stumble across random pocket money.

+ Amethyst assists in alleviating current money blocks allowing for new money to flow in freely.

+ Basil attracts money, luck and prosperity. Also used for promoting business success or to inspire courage when facing business challenges.

+ Cedar Leaf attracts money and prosperity.

+ Cinnamon draws money quickly and assists with finding unexpected pocket change. It also sanctifies businesses.

1 fl oz | 30ml

Hoodoo Oil can be used to bless a room or to aid in a spell or ritual. Place a few drops on your wrists and neck to enchant yourself, add to bath water, add to a diffuser or anoint candles or other ritual items.

Reuse as often as desired.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose bottle to direct sunlight or heat.