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Matters of the Heart Full Moon Magick Kit

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Ready to use a Full Moon Magick Kit to to manifest your desires? 

This enchanted Matters of the Heart Full Moon Kit will inspire you to attract and manifest your heart's true desires.

Is it self-love? Check. Confidence? Check. Sex appeal? Check. A romantic partner? Check. An improved sex life? Check!

This kit works with your Sacral and Heart chakras to open up your center. This increases your vibration in order to match the frequency of what you're trying to attract.


+ 1 Spell

+ Amethyst chips

+ Hand-brewed ritual oil

+ Botanicals (botanicals are seasonal and subject to change throughout the year)

+ Ritual candle

+ Instructions & Meanings

*candle holder not included

When working magickal spells, you must always concentrate on your intentions and visualize them as true. Light on the FULL MOON.

An' ye harm nonedo what ye will.