Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot

If you’ve come across this post today, then there is a part of you that has been feeling stuck in whatever situation that you are currently in. It is time for you to trust your gut feeling. If you are having trouble trusting your feelings about the situation, then consider cleansing your solar plexus.

Let go of the unfair hand that you have been dealt. At times, life can be cruel and unfair; however, these experiences are some of life’s best lessons and they make for a much wiser person. Learn to forgive yourself for not being wiser beforehand, which contributed to you being led into your situation, and vow to do it better next time. By accepting what is you will be able to move forward, and when you do appreciate all of life’s gift’s and help from those that wish to assist you.

Love and Light,




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The Mystic Rainn

Psychic Medium • Tarot Reader • Spiritual Coach • Intuitive-Sensitive

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