Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot

If you’ve stumbled on this post today, then you are a deep and hard-working person. Your ambitious nature means that you have a goal and mind, but because you can be introverted, you oftentimes miss the opportunities to seek help from people that are willing. Work on trying to open yourself up to others in order to seek out additional resources in order to transform your goals into fruition. Use your sharp mind and intellect to drive you forward and fight that urge to turn it inward and criticise. The Universe is working with you, so pray to those that you seek knowledge from and know that your heart and intuition won’t lead you astray.

Love and Light,



Card Deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans


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The Mystic Rainn

Psychic Medium • Tarot Reader • Spiritual Coach • Intuitive-Sensitive

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