Lessons in Daily Tarot


I think that with Tarot, it is important for the reader to understand everything that is happening in the cards and the full story that is being told, not just what we happen to see. It is our responsibility to look beyond that of first instance.

Tarot of the New Vision and After Tarot provide good perspectives to the story being told from different angles that we’ve often failed to consider. New Vision gives us a look behind the scenes, and instead of seeing the subject from the front, we are granted the privilege of witnessing what they have from the back. After Tarot provides us with insight into what might have happened next if we had waited one more second while observing the scene.

My favourite is example of this is depicted in the Chariot. With the old vision a warrior stands in a Chariot drawn by two sphinxes. He controls them will his mind channeling his will power through his wand. The canopy of the Chariot is covering in stars signifying that he will receive celestial assistance on his journey. In the After Tarot, you can see the sphinxes rise at his will to move forward on the journey.

When you reach the new vision, you will see that all isn’t what it seems. Although the warrior is triumphant and is greeted by a welcoming, roaring crowd, there are two, half-naked slaves chained to the Chariot being pulled along. The male slave looks at you, the viewer, with resentment and hostility.

You must ask yourself, who’s side are you on? The Chariot assumes that success is palpable if you move forward on your journey, but the slaves show us that there may be a shadow aspect to this journey. Are you willing to move forward with your plan in spite of your ethical principles and moral code?

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Tarot of the New Vision by Gianluca Cestaro, Pietro Alligo
The After Tarot by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner, Giulia F. Massaglia


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