Oracle – Guilt


In some instances, guilt is just the fear of not being liked. The mere act of putting our foot down spawn feelings of guilt as we don’t want the other person to think of us in a less favourable way. Making these decisions though is necessary for our happiness and for the prosperity of the soul. We burden ourselves with obligations placed unto us by that of another and go through life with an internal, seething resentment. By doing this, we enable others to take advantage of us. You must wake up and ask yourself if you are giving up too much time and energy for the benefit of someone else. Then you must accept the true answer. It is only until that happens that you will be able to release yourself from unnecessary burdens, and from that that no longer serves you.

Love and Light,


Card Deck: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman


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The Mystic Rainn

Psychic Medium • Tarot Reader • Spiritual Coach • Intuitive-Sensitive

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