Oracle – Abundance


Gold is representative of our power to choose. We’ve got options and it is up to us to come to a decision. Be careful, as your choice will be brilliant or foolish (fool’s gold). Always remember that if you don’t like your initial choice, you can always make another one. Furthermore, keep in mind that sometimes it takes a little sacrifice in order to reach a little abundance. The border of this Oracle card is also yellow, which is representative of the Solar Plexus – the chakra of choice and decision-making.

The Legend: “Inside a magical treasure chest, gold coins swap stories. One coin tells how a man foolishly dropped her down a drain, then cried instead of trying to get her out. Later, an enterprising little girl used string and chewing gum to fish her out. The coins remembered how the girl saved them, along with many others, and eventually brought a house. As all coins desire to be well spent, they agree that she was indeed a wise person.” Tori Hartman

The message: be mindful of yourself using your financial situation as a reason why you cannot live life to the fullest. You are in control of your own abundance.


Card Deck: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman


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