Oracle – Trust Yourself


Why do we so often question are abilities? Why are we always our own worst critics? We all have the the tools and power within us to make it through any situation that is thrown our way and it is time for us to start believing in our infinite potential.

If you have come across this post today, then there is either a family or project issue that is in need of some guidance and direction. Because everyone has their own unique opinion on how they think something should work, democracy isn’t always practical. It is time for you to put your foot down and to be assertive while also sending blessings to all of those involved. It is possible to be firm, yet kind. Dig deep to call upon your courage to guide you and ask the Universe for assistance.

Love and Light,



Published by

The Mystic Rainn

Psychic Medium • Tarot Reader • Spiritual Coach • Intuitive-Sensitive

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